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Source: RCR Wireless News

Bluebird will deploy fiber to over 500 cell towers

Regional operator Bluebird Network plans to extend fiber access to more than 500 towers in order to support the expansion of 5G networks in a number of markets in Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

“The 5G movement is underway, and Bluebird plans to be a major player in enabling its rollout and subsequent adoption. Our commitment to deploy fiber to over 500 towers will further strengthen Midwest businesses and residents with enhanced network access to leverage the latest technology driving digital transformation,” said the company’s President and CEO Michael Morey in a press release. “We understand these connections are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity for businesses. Many applications require low latency to ensure optimal performance, requiring a concerted effort to move access closer to end-users. Bluebird is stepping up its network capabilities to ensure the communities we serve have the connectivity needed to embrace the digital economy.”

Headquartered in Columbia, MO, Bluebird Network has more than 9,800 fiber route miles in more than 60,000 on-net and near-net buildings and 151 points of presences in the Midwest. Last year, the company completed a 61-mile expansion in Springfield, MO in January, followed by a February fiber expansion in Jefferson City, MO. The following month, Bluebird completed its acquisition of the Illinois Network Alliance (INA).

The carrier, at the end of 2020, also acquired the ColoHub Data Center from Geneseo Communications, located in Bettendorf, Iowa.

“In 2020, we expanded and densified our fiber network infrastructure across several territories throughout the Midwest,” Morey said of the data center acquisition. “Expanding our data center offerings, fortified now with a second facility, is part of our mission to empower businesses and offer a total communications solution.”