Which Public Funding Opportunities Should I Be Paying Attention To? With more than $100B in total public financing opportunities available, this is an inflection point event for our industry.

This document outlines the current status of major broadband programs that have the potential for transformative change within a region as result of ongoing public support for broadband deployment aka “Needle Movers.”

Programs are grouped according to their status:
• Closed/ In award: Programs that are currently in award stage and could likely facilitate 2022 deployment
• Currently in play: Programs that are still open to application during 2022
• Forthcoming: Known major programs that have not yet opened application windows but will likely see significant activity in 2022

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Download of the Week — The March “Needle Movers”

We are seeing updates in the broadband programs from our January update on “Needle movers”. 

As a result, we have updated our materials on Broadband Funding programs as of March 2022. If you’d like to download a copy of the free material, please use the following link: Sunstone Needlemovers