Our Mission with Digital Infrastructure Investor

Digital Infrastructure has become even more important as quarantines and working from home change the exception to the new normal. Consumers, companies and governments all require more digital networks; more digital highways with higher capacity and superior quality; more ubiquitous wireless connectivity; for people, transportation, things.

Investors — infrastructure funds, government funds, pension funds, private equity firms, banks and individuals – are laser focused on understanding the opportunities, risks, rewards and ROI of this new class of infrastructure investment.

It’s not just about Tower REITS or mobile carrier share price anymore. It’s about fiber; dark fiber; neutral hosts; 5G, connected vehicles; connected cities; data centers, edge computing and more.

Digital Infrastructure Investor, produced by The 2030 Project, is a dedicated information resource for investors, developers and policy experts founded by wireless infrastructure veterans.

Our mission is to educate investors on the complexities of digital infrastructure; connect asset owners, developers and entrepreneurs with sources of capital; and inform all stakeholders on the key considerations in Regulation and Policy at the Federal, State and local level.

We invite you to subscribe, speak, join our webinars and videos, and contribute to the community building the digital infrastructure for a new era in work, communications and computing.

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