Conference Overview


All around the world, the unprecedented events of 2020 have brought into focus the critical role that digital infrastructure plays in the functioning of virtually every aspect of contemporary society.

Investors too are laser focused on understanding the digital infrastructure marketplace and the management skills and operational complexities that are delivering value in these unique businesses.

The opportunity is not just about Tower REITS or mobile carrier share price anymore. Digital Infrastructure is an integrated foundation of real assets and services: fiber; dark fiber; neutral hosts; 5G, connected vehicles; connected cities; data centers, edge computing and more.

The Digital Infrastructure Investor executive conference is a dedicated information resource for investors, asset owners, developers and policy experts focused on the growth opportunities, challenges and trends in digital real estate. 

Our mission is to educate investors on the complexities of digital infrastructure; connect asset owners, developers and entrepreneurs with sources of capital; and inform all stakeholders on the key considerations in Regulation and Policy at the Federal, State and local level.

Now is the time to reinforce your domain expertise in Digital Infrastructure Investing and position your firm for a decade or more of growth, innovation and expansion.

“Close to 60 percent of investors polled for the study are planning to up their investment in the digital sector, as the mass move to remote working, shopping and entertainment has exacerbated pre-existing trends.”

—Perspectives; PEI Media

Investor One-on-Ones

This event provides an unparalleled opportunity for private one-on-one meetings between digital infrastructure owners and developers and interested LP and GP investors. If you are looking to meet with your current partners, meet new partners, discover new opportunities; buy, sell, secure investment, or learn exclusive information on the direction of the market and more, you’ll get it at Digital Infrastructure Investor Live.

Take advantage of our exclusive program for private one-on-one meetings in 25-minute slots. Please submit one-on-one requests when registering online or contact your 2030 Project account executive.