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“Our belief is that as people, places and objects become increasingly more interconnected, the importance of data infrastructure assets will rise. We expect this rapid growth to persist for the foreseeable future, driven by a number of factors including greater smartphone penetration, increasing data consumption, advent of 5G networks and other new and evolving uses such as Internet of Things, AI and other applications that depend on low latency.”

—Sam Pollock, CEO, Brookfield Infrastructure

“Digital Infrastructure sits at the intersection of numerous disruptive trends, from increasing connectivity through the growth of 5G and the internet of things, to the rise of big data and artificial intelligence, and the transition to software delivered seamlessly through the cloud. We believe that such infrastructure is therefore essential to 21st Century grwoth and can play a mutli-faceted role in investors’ portfolios that could offer income and growth characteristics. ”

—Pedro Palandrani, Research Analyst, Global X Data Center REIT & Digital Infrastructure ETF

“”We believe the development and deployment of the digital infrastructure that will serve as the backbone for new technologies presents an enormous investment opportunity. The fifth generation (5G) and future generations of mobile networks , and their unique ability to enable device-to-device communication, has the potential to unlock tremendous commercial opportunities.”

Hari Ramanan, CIO, Neuberger Berman Research Funds

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