The Digital Infrastructure Opportunity

Digital Infrastructure has become even more important as working from home changes the exception to the new normal. Consumers, companies, and governments all require more digital “highways” that span wired and wireless network infrastructure to provide ever-increasing availability, higher capacity and superior quality, along with low latency, for people, transportation and things.

Investors are laser focused on understanding the opportunities, risks, rewards and ROI of this new class of infrastructure investment. It is not just about tower REITS or mobile carrier share price anymore. It is about fiber and dark fiber, neutral hosts, 5G, connected vehicles, connected cities, data centers, edge computing and more.

Recognizing the need to track the opportunity in this important industry, The 2030 Project has established the Digital Infrastructure Investor Global Index, a unique equity index focused on the global digital infrastructure ecosystem. The new index uses the ticker “DIGITAL.”

The Digital Infrastructure Investor Global Index: “DIGITAL”

Using the ticker “DIGITAL,” the index is focused on the global digital infrastructure ecosystem.

This innovative index is an equity index that provides focused exposure to the companies delivering digital infrastructure (principally fiber, towers, data center and edge computing) throughout the world. The index has been designed to use as the underlying index for ETFs and other investment products, as well as for investors, funds and companies wishing to demonstrate the growth in the ecosystem.

Moorgate Benchmarks ( is the calculation agent for the new index.

The “DIGITAL” index is supported by content and research at:

  • Digital Infrastructure Investor website (
  • Upcoming Digital Infrastructure Investor live conferences and seminars (planned for 3Q 2022)

The Digital Infrastructure Investor Global Index Performance Chart

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Prior to June 18th, 2021, the data is based on simulated back-tested data.

Between Sept 1 2020 and Sept 1 2021, the DIGITAL index returned 19.86%. 

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