John Schmitt

Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Dark Fiber and Infrastructure, LLC

A twenty-year veteran of the competitive communications industry, John is a recognized pioneer and leader in the dark fiber business, John was bringing dark fiber to the marketplace when most providers were adamantly opposing the concept.

Schmitt believed early on that dark fiber was not only the premier product for the carrier marketplace on the consumer side, but also the most sustainable long term business model from a provider’s perspective.

Fittingly, he was also one of the first to address the value and role that this product would play in the enterprise space. John has always believed in the value of long-term commitments to his customers and the critical role that trust plays into that relationship. This philosophy has allowed him to consistently secure contracts for twenty years or longer with clients and partners alike.

Iain Gillott

President, IGR

Iain Gillott, the founder and president of iGR, is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. … in order to provide in-depth market analysis and data focused exclusively on the wireless and mobile industry, and now, on the move from 4G LTE to 5G.